25 Rounds – Hornady Critical Defense .380 ACP 90gr FTX, Factory New


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The Hornady Critical Defense 380 ACP 90 gr FTX ammunition is ideal for any concealed carry 380 handgun. For a long time conventional hollow point bullets were the go-to for personal defense ammunition but still didn’t provide 100% reliability. Hornady ammunition eliminates inconsistency that hollow points often suffer from. Their patented Flex Tip technology allows for reliable and dependable expansion. Premium low flash propellants offer supreme performance for handguns of any barrel length. All Critical Defense ammunition is loaded in silver nickel casing for better visibility a night.


  • Brand: Hornady
  • Product Line: Critical Defense
  • Cartridge: 380 Auto
  • Bullet: 90 gr FTX
  • Sectional Density: .102
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .099 (G1)