100 Rounds – PNW Munitions .223 Remington 50gr Frangible REMAN


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Brand: Pacific Northwest Munitions

Quantity: 100 Rounds

Caliber: .223 Remington / 5.56×45

Bullet Weight/Type: 50gr Brown Tip Frangible

Bullet Velocity : 3140 FPS

Bullet Energy: 1231 ft-lbs

Pacific Munitions is proud to present our center-fire frangible lineup. This is re-manufactured ammo with an economic cost but still having the same reliability and accuracy as factory ammunition. This center-fire line up consists of a 50gr Frangible projectile traveling at 3140 FPS out of a 16in barrel. This ammo is designed to not to ricochet and will turn into a fine powder when impacting any hard surface.