About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Ammunition

Pacific Northwest Munitions uses a wide array of commercial grade equipment. We manufacture both factory new ammunition and re-manufactured ammunition. Equipment from roll-sizers to automated ammo loading machines are what make our ammunition consistent, reliable and accurate. With combined reloading experience of 20 years, we have the expertise and knowledge to make quality products at an affordable price.  We are shooter’s at heart, so all the ammunition we make, we also shoot. While we may not produce millions of rounds a month, I can guarantee you that the ammunition we make is of the highest quality using American made components and supplies.

Our Company

Pacific Northwest Munitions was founded in 2020 and was built on making our customers our #1 priority. We have over 20000+ satisfied customers and want you to be one of them. Please visit our gunbroker feedback page to see our satisfied customers!